Something I Got Into

Sup guys, pardon me for living under a rock, but a friend was telling me about the U.S Office, with me not spending much time indoors & not watching alot of T.V, he recommended that i watched this.

and OH MY GOD is it funny.

If you are a fan of this series, i greatly apologise for not giving it the chance it deserved. I've already purchased "The Ultimate Package" box set & i'm hoping for it to arrive soon.

If it's not the funny jokes that come from nowhere (That's what she said hehe ;)) Its the wacky characters. My favourite without a doubt being Dwight; he's just crazy. That's all i can say, he's just so strange to a point it's not that strange anymore, but utterly hilarious.

But seriously, if you've never tried it, i GREATLY recommend it.

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Reilly said...

i know, it's prett awesome! said...

it is very awesome indeed.

dwight = lol.

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