Awesome Film

Hi again guys. I recently purchased a movie; Battle Los Angeles.
Some of you may have heard of this film, if not; i GREATLY recommend you watch it.
The movie is about aliens invading Earth in what looks like meteors plummeting the planet; strangley enough the "meteors" are slowing down before impact, this even seems to be happening at every major civilisation located on the coastline. From what we can gather it's for the vast amounts of water found here; the aliens seem to use it as some sort of fuel. The storyline follows the path of Echo Company's 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. Who soon find out the real intentions of their extra terrestrial invaders. I'll say no more.

Overall i really enjoyed the film; i found it extremely easy to get into & was on the edge of my seat pretty much throughout the whole film. 10/10 from me.

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my day in a sentence said...

I heard it was pretty bad.
But I might watch it tonight.

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