Movie Reviews:Update

Sup guys, i've not managed to find a copy of Pulp Fiction, but i've been looking on youtube for the trailer for the film. I've got to say it looks great, and i'm even more determined to purchase a copy, wish me luck.

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Wondergecko said...

Cough, , cough.
Who said that?

Hidden Blogger said...

:D Can't wait to see the review!

Battlecrab said...

Look harder. I really want to see the review.

Joebloggs said...

I agree wondergecko, i mean just watch it once and then delete it, its nodifferent to renting it from your local library, as we all do soemtimes right?

Physcadelic Studios said...

awesome can't wait to see the review, and very nice blog design!

scary said...

get the review done alrdy

la com├ędie said...

nice one

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