Jesus Christ.

Just randomly browsing YouTube videos, & somehow came across this new weapons system known as Metal Storm. This new weapons system can fire in 3 modes, Armour piercing spears, which will render armoured vehicles useless within seconds. The second mode is firing a devastating hail of bullets, & wait for it, at 16,000 rounds per second! Oh my god is that frightening. The third mode, is to fire 40mm grenades. At a rate of 250,000 per minute, this mode will undoubtedly make mincemeat of ANY building, bunker, or aircraft/naval ship.

Just found this interesting & felt like sharing with you all, here's the video if you want to check it out:

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Rau said...

Warfare is getting more horrible by the minute it seems :/

fortheinternet said...

Oh my godness! Rau is right. Littlebit Scared bout that.

+1 Follower :O

DanRobitzski said...

wow. Following.

Bred Pot said...

Oh my god is that frightening.

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